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Welcome! I'm Lisa Wilson, and I believe in cultivating and living an inspired life. I have owned and operated the Raw Food Institute for years, and I believe that natural, organic ingredients can bring your body back into balance. I love essential oils, and I believe they are the catalyst for wellness and transformation. I know this because my own life has transformed and also the lives of my clients.

I truly believe in the power of raw, plant-based food. I can testify from personal experience that this pure way of living has not only transformed my body, but it has helped me achieve a truly healthy life overall. I believe that actually nurturing our bodies must come from the earth’s natural resources. That is why I have aligned with doTERRA essential oils to enhance natural living.

The best essential oils are sourced from companies that value the purity of its products. Using essential oils is key to any successful holistic and natural health care routine.

Essential oils offer a decadent and invigorating “treat” that promote an exciting and inspired life.

I believe natural resources from the earth can help you manifest an ideal life and home.  I believe wholeheartedly in the power and purity of doTERRA oils.  1300+ and counting wellness advocates have partnered with me.  dōTERRA’s products have helped me, and so many others create a purpose-filled, freedom-based, and empowered life.

doTERRA Essential Oils can help you create an inspired life.

doTERRA partners with organizations that are committed to helping improve people’s lives.  I too am passionate about helping people, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to show you how to cultivate an inspired life!

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doTERRA Essential Oils is the ideal starting point towards a life lived with joy, passion, and purpose.

When was the last time you partnered with a company that was fun and rewarding, a company you genuinely believed in with a global impact that gave you complete freedom?

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